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Play TIN CUP year-round in your home… and soon you'll CHIP LIKE A PRO!”®

TIN CUP by RUGG Golf is the new, super-cool indoor golf game that is as challenging as it is fun.  It sets up in minutes to let you practice chipping and pitch shots in your home at any time, and really improves your short game!

With over 1,000 different hole setups, TIN CUP can be set up to be easy for kids and beginners or devilishly difficult for even the best players, requiring long pitches, flop shots, cut shots and more with very realistic shot results that give you instant feedback on the quality of each shot. It is a great gift for any golfer and a sure hit for family game nights, parties, and social events. And it improves your golf game!

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The Not-so-secret “Secret”of

Learning How to “Chip like a Pro!”

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Hi. I’m Bill Van Arsdale, the inventor of TIN CUP, '‘The Ultimate Indoor Golf Practice Chipping Game.”

Let’s be honest. The real secret to becoming good at chipping and pitching is not really a secret. It’s like everything else in golf….get some good coaching to learn the basics, and then practice, practice, practice.

But actually practicing chip and pitch shots is usually the last thing most weekend golfers make time for when warming up to play…and it shows! More shots are lost on mediocre chipping and pitching than any other aspect of the game for most amateur players.

Now, with TIN CUP, you can practice these critical components of the short game in your home whenever you want, with instant feedback on the quality of every swing, just like real golf practice. And you can play around with your swing to learn a wide variety of chip and pitch shots that can come in very handy on the golf course. Change your trajectory for low running shots or hit it high for softer shots with extra bite. Practice putting left and right spin on your pitch shots to handle the TIN CUP slopes, and you will be amazed what you can do on the golf course when you need that special shot.


Best of all, while a great practice training aid, TIN CUP is also super-fun game that you can play inside with family and friends all year round, whatever the weather. It is also a great game-night game and perfect for golf events and fund raisers. TIN CUP is also a fun way to introduce new players to golf.

Even if you are already good at chipping, TIN CUP is a great way to keep your short game sharp. And TIN CUP makes practicing FUN!

Watch middle schooler Eliza K. light it up, scoring 4 Tin Cups in her very first turn! This kid can chip!

Game Setup and Scoring Demo

If you would like me to take you through a very detailed setup, scoring and demonstration video of TIN CUP, click here.

"It’s very realistic, just like golf!”

RUGG Golf balls float through the air and stop with backspin and sidespin, providing very realistic action when you are playing TIN CUP. These super-light precision plastic balls are perfectly matched with the Tin Cup Target Rug and RUGG Golf Tee Mat to provide realistic shot making.

 Hit with extra backspin to pull the ball back to the cup….



or play the break with a soft flop shot.

For advanced players, when facing a tricky side slope, you have to play the break….  or put side spin on it and make the pro shot. 

With the super-lightweight precision plastic RUGG Golf balls, TIN CUP is safe to play inside without worrying about the balls breaking anything..

Here’s my nephew JP chipping balls to his niece Sophia during a family event.

If you have ever thought about learning the game, or want to introduce your kids and friends to the joys (and challenges) of golf, TIN CUP is a great way to start.

It’s also fun for seniors who haven’t picked up a club in years. Here’s a “driving range” setup at an assisted living facility. We had a great time. One player told me, “I haven’t played golf in years. It’s nice to be swinging a golf club again.”

TIN CUP is a great indoor teaching aid. Good swings get good results, just like golf.


Add TIN CUP to your game nights and get the whole gang swinging!

And don’t worry about picking the balls up. The RUGG Golf Ball Retriever makes it fun and easy to shag the balls and set them up on the RUGG Golf Tee Mat for the next player.

Scores like golf!

Tin Cup scores in just like golf, with pars, birdies, bogies, eagles, double bogies plus scoring bonuses for hitting the TIN CUP or getting landing in the cup for a rare Double TIN CUP, which is like getting a hole-in-one.


There are short and long game formats for quick or extended game play, including tournaments! You can also play cup-in-one and closest-to-the cup contests.

Over 1,000 hole setups!

 There are nine different target positions on the TIN CUP Target Rug. Along with the center white set of target rings, four more light green ring sets position the target cup all around the green for added variety. Spin the target 1/8 turn for four more targets.

Now add in the RUGG Golf Slope Base and Two-Way Lift block for 14 different slopes, and there are over 120 different hole setups to challenge the best players. The slope can also be set up for extra-easy play for beginners and kids.


Tin Cup is typically played with to 8 different hole lengths, from 3 yards to 10 yards, which requires everything from long pitches to short flop shots.  There can be over 1,000 different hole setup combinations depending on the size of the playing area.

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Players can choose their hole setups, or follow the TIN CUP scorecards, or roll the TIN CUP tri-colored dice for randomized challenges. Keep it simple with a “Closest to the Cup” game, or use the patented target and scoring system that rewards each good shot and penalizes each bad one in a real game of skill, just like golf. 

There is an extensive Game Setup and Instructions book that includes a variety of TIN CUP games that can be set up easy and fun for everyone, or very challenging and competitive. A low handicapper playing against a newbie? Play match play “9 to 1” where the inexperienced player gets up to nine shots per hole and the good player gets just one, and the best ball score wins the hole. Now that’s pressure!


 It’s fun to play with other players, or fun to play just by yourself to set personal best scores for individual hole setups or full 18 hole rounds. You can play TIN CUP all year round in your home, school, camp, golf club or any other place you want to share this game with friends and family.

Set up at parties and fund raising events for “Cup-in-One and “Closest to the Cup” Contests.  Hotels and event planners can set up a driving range or 3, 6, 9 or even 18 hole layouts for events and rainy day games.

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Once we get our app developed, you can select the difficulty of hole setups and course layouts, keep score, calculate TIN CUP handicaps, compare your best hole and course scores with all other TIN CUPPERS, and even enter online tournaments with players anywhere.

Who will be the first online TIN CUP World #1? 

Tabletop it!

If you really want to have some fun, put the TIN CUP Target Rug and Slope Base on a table or countertop, and now you have an elevated green for extra challenge and visual interest. To see my very first time setting up and playing tabletop TIN CUP, click here.

TIN CUP Game Set

MSRP $349

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With TIN CUP, you get the TIN CUP Target Rug, RUGG Golf Tee Mat, RUGG Golf Ball Retriever, and the TIN CUP Game Pieces Box, which includes: 20 RUGG Golf balls, Tin Cup Ball Trophy Rack, Tri-Color TIN CUP Setup Dice, TIN CUP Game Setup and Instructions book, TIN CUP scorecards, RUGG Golf Hole Length Markers set, and, of course, the TIN CUP! You also get the RUGG Golf Slope Base with the Two-way Lift Block that adds great variety of hole setups from very easy for beginners and kids to really challenging for even the best players, the front and rear RUGG Golf Sand Traps that capture long and short shots and add a nice visual dimension to the game and the TIN CUP game storage box

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What Clubs to Use?

Some people play TIN CUP with just a 60 degree sand wedge. This will teach you how to vary the loft and hitting angle to get a variety of different shot results, but some setups very difficult to score well with just this club. The next club to add would be a 56 degree wedge which a a great utility club for a lot of Tin Cup setups, then a 64 degree flop wedge for the short and flop shot setups. A pitching wedge makes it easier to reach some back targets.  You'll figure it out after a few turns.

You can also set up the RUGG Golf Target Rug with a carpet runner to practice chip-and-run shots with a 7 or 8 iron.

Competitive players usually use four or more different wedges. I use 4 wedges when I play Tin Cup (the same set of wedges I read are in Phil Mickelson's bag:)

  • a 52 degree wedge to reach the back of the green when the Tin Cup is set in a back target position; 

  • a 56 degree wedge, my go-to club in the middle distance shots and Low slopes; 

  • a 60 degree wedge when I have shorter distances or difficult High slopes and target positions that require more loft and spin, and; 

  • a 64 degree flop wedge for the short 3 and 4 yard holes, especially when the slope is going away from the tee. (Like I mentioned above, 52, 56, 60 and 64 degree wedges are what are in Phil Mickelson’s bag. It’s a good to learn how to hit these clubs.) 

Players generally use 56 and 60 degree loft wedges most. Kids and juniors who are getting good at chipping love learning how these extra wedges make difficult chips easier, and will start to use them on the golf course. 

What is the setup? How big a playing area?

TIN CUP sets up in about two minutes. While the minimum length space you need is about seven paces (22 feet,) which allows for 3, 4 an 5 yard shots, the longer the better. Having 10 paces (30 feet) lets you add 6 and 7 yard holes for more variety. If you have the room, both in length and height, the longest official Tin Cup hole setup is 10 yards, requiring a 40’’ open span for long pitch shots that are especially challenging. You can set up any length you want, but beyond 12 yards, you run the risk of breaking the RUGG Golf balls.

Game Setup, Scoring and Demonstration

In this detailed 14 minute video, I show you how to set up, score and play TIN CUP.


So there you have it. The secret to a great short game is simple….get some good instruction so you know the basics, then practice, practice, practice. Now you can great fun with family and friends as you practice chipping and pitch shots at home whenever you want…with TIN CUP, “The Ultimate Indoor Golf Practice Chipping Game.”

I hope you join us online on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn for updates, news, lessons, online tournaments, and all things TIN CUP! I look forward to hearing from you.

Happy chipping!


Bill Van Arsdale, RUGG Golf

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Play TIN CUP year-round in your home…


Contact: info@rugg.golf 970-876-3553