New Indoor Golf Chipping Game Puts Innovative Spin on Home Practice

TIN CUP Pro game pieces

TIN CUP Pro game pieces

NAPLES, Fla. (January 16, 2019) – 

 Chipping and pitching around the green are very important parts of golf that most amateur players don’t practice nearly enough. Bill Van Arsdale of Naples, Florida has invented TIN CUP, a rather ingenious new indoor chipping game for convenient, year-round practice at home that is both fun and challenging. We asked Bill to tell us more about his new game.

 What is TIN CUP?

TIN CUP by RUGG Golf is whole new concept for indoor chipping practice. Using standard wedges, players chip and pitch super-light precision plastic RUGG Golf balls across the room to a matched target rug. The RUGG Golf balls float through the air, landing softly with backspin and slight roll just like real golf. TIN CUP is almost as fun to watch as it is to play. 

Is this a game or a training aid?

I guess you could say TIN CUP is a golf training aid disguised as a really fun game. Players enjoy TIN CUP because it is a true test of skill, like golf, that accurately rewards good shots and penalizes bad ones.  There are typically 9 shots per turn, and you quickly see players improve over the span of a game, just like chipping and pitching to a practice green. The scoring system makes it fun to compete with others or against your own best scores. So, it’s both entertaining and a good training aid.

How do you score the game?

It’s an easy-to-score bullseye game with a golf format of double bogies to eagles with a small metal Tin Cup bullseye that gives extra points if your ball touches or jumps into the cup. TIN CUP also can be set up for “Closest-to-the-Cup” or “Cup-in-One” contests at events.

 What makes the game so challenging?

Well, first of all, TIN CUP can be set up easy for kids and beginners. The hole lengths can be varied, and the slope of the TIN CUP Target Rug can be slanted towards the RUGG Golf tee to make it especially friendly, similar to chipping uphill. The challenge comes when the target rug is sloped sharply left or right, or away from the tee for a flop shot. This requires a whole different level of shotmaking that will challenge even the best players. Also, the target rug itself has 5 different sets of target rings – center, sides, front and back - that require different shots depending upon the slope. Sometimes the shortest shots are the most difficult. 

 What to you especially want our readers to know about TIN CUP?

I guess it would be that as soon as you take a couple of swings, you will understand how much fun it is to play TIN CUP. It is hard to convey in words or images. The comment I hear most often is “addicting.” And while it is a really fun indoor chipping game, the best part is that this practice at home will really improve your chipping game, which is the aspect of the game that most golfers practice least even though good chipping will lower your handicap more than anything. TIN CUP makes a perfect gift for any golfer, especially the ones “who have everything.” 

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